The Tree Street Medical Group's Individual First Aid Kit is an affordable individual kit designed to treat one person during a traumatic event. The MOLLE connections make it easy to attach to belts, tactical gear or another backpack.


This kit is great for Police Officers to keep in their duty or "GO" bags as a back up to the cruiser kit.


This kit is great for Civilians to keep in their car, boat, toolbox, range kit or anywhere someone could sustain a traumatic injury.


Items Include:

1 - LA Police Gear Medical Bag

1 - Tourniquet - Choice of CAT or SOF

1 - 4'' OLAES Bandage

1 - S - Rolled Gauze

1 - 2'' roll of Medical Tape

1 - Pair of Trauma Shears

1 - Survival Blanket

2 - Petrolatum Gauze

1 - Pair of Nitrile Gloves

Individual First Aid Kit