Stressful Tree Street Medicine 

2 Day




2 Days

Add Heartsaver CPR to any class for $35.00 per student

Topics Covered:

  • Mental Mindset

  • Direct Threat Care

    • Tourniquets

    • Recovery Position

  • Indirect Threat Care

    • Treatment of Torso Injuries

    • Wound Packing

    • Impaled Objects

    • Evisceration

    • Shock


  • Casualty Evacuation

    • Various Casualty Movement Techniques.


Also included:

·         Cardiac Arrest and   Airway Compromise

·         Burns·      

·         Blast Injuries and much      more.

This two day course begins with the TSM 1 day course and then throws students into stressful scenarios on day two in order to test the skills learned.

Similar to the US Army medic school "blood labs", students will be able to place tourniquets, pack wounds and assess other injuries under stress. This simulated stress is caused by loud noise, yelling and moulaged patients. We will adapt scenarios based on tactics and needs of the students in the class.

Anyone can sit in a class room and learn skills, the real test is to do it under stress.


All instructors are US Army Veterans with over 30 years combined of Emergency Medicine and Law Enforcement experience.


Upcoming Training:

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